18 March, 2014

eBay Collections curated by Fashion Canvas

If you know Fashion Canvas, then you know it is sort of like a moodboard reflecting my personal style, which feeds my inspiration-hungry soul. When I was asked by eBay to curate Collections for their new eBay Collections initiative, I did not hesitate to jump at this opportunity and let my imagination run wild (as it always does).
This new feature on eBay allows you to create collections of various themes, reflecting your own personal style, and thereby creating a story and contributing to a new experience of online shopping. Essentially you are gathering items from across a huge platform of sellers on eBay and bringing them together to a new home, where they then live happily ever after (until they sell out that is). So in a way, these collections serve as moodboards which pinpoint the items that you most love and consider to be essential contributers to creating the theme you are working towards.
For me, coming up with the different themes for the collections was a little bit like bringing out my inner visual merchandiser and realizing what it is that I myself would find visually inspiring. Saying that, I also always kept in mind what would trigger my inner shoppaholic to 'add-to-basket' as many things as possible.
The Fashion Canvas curated collections on my eBay page are a true reflection of my personal style and range from print-themes, colour-themes, events and styling ideas. All the items that are found within each collections are the result of many browsing hours spent on eBay to find that perfect equlibrium of a must-have item and visually beautiful picture. Some of my favourite collections to date are:
This collection is all about embracing the free-spirited. You really do get that sudden urge of wanting to magically teleport yourself back to the days of Woodstock and sing your little heart out whilst wearing a kimono, a pair of cut-offs, an oversized bolero hat and some gladiator sandals.
This collection does exactly what it says: it borrows from the men in our lives (them being boyfriends, friends, husbands, brothers, dads…) It’s all about embracing the comfortability in oversized shirts paired with the perfect leather trousers and finished off with some ankle boots; whilst looking as if you just stepped out of an Alexander Wang campaign.
This collection is based on a combination of pastel colours which all together create a mouth-watering experience, when you find yourself staring at the computer screen for several unhealthy minutes and thereafter googling pictures of marshmallow cakes (we all do it). 
Mix-and-matched patterns, vibrant colours and beautiful embroidery are center to this theme. In this collection you will find things such as beaded sandles. kilim-rug inspired bags, ethnic statement necklaces...
You can check out all of my collections and my eBay page HERE
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